Milestones of a success story
Founded in the 20th century, Abfluss-AS was part of the revolution in wastewater management. In the 21st century, innovative services in the field of environmental protection continue to characterise the Alliance companies. Here is a look at over 50 years of success.

Impressions of 50 years Abfluss-AS


Foundation of Abfluss-AS Frankfurt/Main

  • After thorough preparation, the young entrepreneur Hans Werner Knackstedt started the practical work together with his wife Ilona in April 1969. The new company initially traded under the name H. W. KNACKSTEDT GmbH

Cooperation with Olaf König in Berlin

  • Fruitful cooperation and friendly relationship with master plumber and heating engineer Olaf König, Berlin, which marks the beginning of today’s Abfluss-AS-Allianz
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Foundation of Abfluss-AS Cologne

  • Foundation of Abfluss-AS Cologne by the entrepreneurs Elisabeth and Ferdinand Bex

Foundation of Unternehmerverband Frankfurt Rhine-Main e.V

  • Together with Abfluss-AS Frankfurt/Main, six other companies from different sectors joined forces and founded the UVF Unternehmerverband (“Entrepreneurs’ Association”) Frankfurt Rhein Main in November 1975

Foundation of Abfluss-AS Saarbrücken

  • Foundation of Abfluss-AS GmbH in Saarbrücken; since 2003 Abfluss-AS Jürgen Baumgärtner Kanalreinigung GmbH

Foundation of Abfluss-AS Mannheim

  • Foundation of Abfluss-AS GmbH in Mannheim with Hans-W. Gonera as managing director
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Membership in the industry association

  • Abfluss-AS Frankfurt/Main became member no. 10 in the industry-related professional association VDRK

Foundation of Abfluss-AS Dresden

  • Foundation of Abfluss-AS GmbH in Dresden with Ralf Furkert as managing director

Development of the 1st company and industry-specific merchandise management software-system

  • Under the leadership of Hans J. Stadler and Hans W. Knackstedt, the first Abfluss-AS software was developed together with a software company, which was subsequently in use until 2019

Quality seal holder

  • Abfluss-AS Cologne is a seal of approval holder for the divisions drain pipe cleaning, sewer cleaning, TV inspection and leak testing

Official training company

  • Abfluss-AS Köln is the first official training company within the Abfluss-AS-Alliance to be recognized for the profession of specialist for pipe, sewer and industrial services. In the meantime, further Abfluss-AS companies have attained this status. We train nationwide
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Foundation of the Abfluss-AS-Allianz Holding

  • The rapid growth and the increasingly economic, technical and legal requirements require an even closer strategic as well as agile cooperation between the alliance partners. This is the birth of the Holding
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The second and third generations within the Abfluss-AS-Alliance have taken responsibility

  • Depending on the company, the course was set in 2017 for a successful handover of business activities to the next generation. With the support of our existing managing directors, this ensures our quality standards for the future as well

Appointment as master company

  • Abfluss-AS Cologne is appointed master company for pipe, sewer and industrial service

Digitalization of business processes

  • Starting point of a comprehensive digitalization of operational processes for a more efficient and sustainable way of working for the benefit of our business partners, employees and the environment

Jubilee Abfluss-AS Frankfurt/Main

  • With Abfluss-AS Frankfurt/Main, the first company within the Abfluss-AS-Alliance celebrates its fiftieth jubilee with employees, business partners and friends in an appropriate setting
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