Abfluss-AS Berlin

— Capital City Office —

Abfluss-AS Dresden

— Saxonia Central Office —

Abfluss-AS Frankfurt

— Rhine-Main Central Office —

Abfluss-AS Köln

— Rhineland Head Office —

Abfluss-AS Mannheim

— Rhine-Neckar Central Office —

Abfluss-AS Saarbrücken

— Saarland Central Office —

Portrait of the executive leaders of the Abfluss-AS-Alliance

Success can only be achieved by working together as a team. The prerequisite for top performance and results are the employees and managers who point the way with competence and experience.

Dr. Hans W. Knackstedt (1936 - 2023)

Founder & Architcet Abfluss-AS-Allianz

Prof. Dr. Behzad Karami-Knackstedt

Shareholder & Managing Director Abfluss-AS-Allianz Holding 

Carina Straub

Shareholder & Managing Director Abfluss-AS Cologne

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René Schuster

Authorized Officer / IT manager Abfluss-AS-Allianz Holding


Gabriele Bazán-Ortega

Shareholder & Managing Director Abfluss-AS Cologne

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Michael Dressel

Shareholder & Managing Director Abfluss-AS Berlin

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Suat Öner

Managing Director Abfluss-AS Frankfurt/Mainexternal link alt icon

Benjamin Eckert

Managing Director Abfluss-AS Mannheimexternal link alt icon

Jürgen Baumgärtner

Shareholder & Managing Director of Abfluss-AS Saarbrücken

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Stephan Furkert

Shareholder & Technical Manager Abfluss-AS Dresden

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